Monday, December 7, 2015

Ben is an exceptional student on Draco.  He was assigned the task of creating a timeline for one of the 13 American Colonies.  He was given a few basic choices for creating the timeline but decided he wanted to try Timeline JS (a more challenging timeline program).  What follows is the screencast he made to explain how to use the program, and the example of his timeline.

This is an example of technology use that enhances the learning experience/challenge for more advanced students.

Timeline Tutorial

Monday, November 30, 2015

Movenote is a reflection/evidence tool.  I think it has been pushed out to all of the chromebooks. The app allows you to upload a presentation and then video/audio record an explanation of the presentation.  I have included a link below to an example done by a Draco student. We have had more luck with the straight Movenote version and not the Movenote for Education app.

Some students find this a good way to reflect upon and explain their evidence.

Colonization in the Americas by T.V.